Bar Peeling Machine DAISHO mod. BHT-125 sold to INDIA in 2019 (SOLD)

Manufacturer: DAISHO
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Bar to Bar Peeling Machine DAISHO BHT-125

Model: BTH-125 High Speed Centerless Bar to Bar Peeling Machine

YOM: 1985

Materials: Alloy steel round bars

Black Bar diameter:  31 mm  Ø to 135 mm  Ø

Finished bar diameter:  30 mm  Ø to 120 mm  Ø

Bar length:  2.350 mm to 5.000 mm

Straightness of black bar:  within 3 mm per 1.000 mm length

Stock removal on diameter:  5.0 mm, maximum                 

Main Spindle speed:  145 r.p.m. to 1.530 r.p.m. 

Infinitely variable by DC motor with Thyristor control system and 2 steps speed reducer in ranging as follows:

       Low speed range:  145 r.p.m. to 510 r.p.m.

       High speed range:  450 r.p.m. to 1.530 r.p.m.

Tolerance after turning:

Size tolerance:  +– 0.02 mm diameter, ISO h9

Surface finish: 3 micron meter to 6 micron meter, Ra

Cutting speed:  80 meter/min to 120 meter/min - Infinitely variable

Feed speed:  1.0 meter/min to 20.0 meter/min - Infinitely variable by DC motor with Thyristor control system

Cutter head range, required:     30 mm  Ø to 85 mm  Ø

                                                       80 mm  Ø to 130 mm  Ø

Cutting toll holder assembly:     30 mm  Ø to 60 mm  Ø

                                                       55 mm  Ø to 85 mm  Ø

                                                       80 mm  Ø to 110 mm Ø

                                                       105 mm Ø to 130 mm Ø

Electric motor power capacity:

Main spindle drive:  90.0 kW

Total power machine required: 146 kW



Bar throughput center height: 1.000 mm

Total machine height:  2.320 mm

Floor space, required:  4.360 mm Length x 1.500 mm Depth


Weight: Approximately 30,000 Kgs


The machine comes with two sets of heads. Each set has a cassette fixing scaling plates.

In addition it is a device for setting appropriately the cassettes with scaling plates for each of the heads (setting the range of peeling diameter).

The right peeling diameter is achieved by setting the corresponding knob on the machine while peeling.


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