GFM SX-40 CNC Radial Forging

Manufacturer: GFM

CNC Radial Forging Machine GFM SX-40

Manufacturer: GFM (Austria)

New in 70’

Complete Mechanical Upgrade by GFM, with increase of Power to 900 Ton/hammer

and new CNC in 1991


Numbers ¨of Hammers: 4

Forging force: 3.600 Ton (900t per hammer)

Strokes per minute: 270

Diameter adjustment field: 280 mm

Eccentric forge:   14 mm

Hammer length: 610 mm


Maximum diameter of forging:

- circular cross section: Ø 400 mm

- square cross section: 320 mm

Minimum output diameter:

-       circular: 60 mm

-       square: approx 50 mm


Maximum length of forging with/without lateral reception: 8.000 mm / 9.700 mm


Feed of manipulator A: 7.140 mm

Feed of manipulator B: 9.940 mm

Manipulators speed in fast moving: 500 mm/s

Feed speed of manipulators (steeples regulation): 10 ÷ 200 mm/s


Loading system:

Workpìece weight:  2500 kg

Min length:      1500 mm

Max length:     3000 mm

Unloading system

Workpiece weight: 2500 kg

Min length:     1500 mm

Max legnht:     8000 mm

Engine forge: 2 x 500 kW,  5500 V,  50 Hz

Total power supply (nominal power): ca 1.600 kW

Cooling water pressure: 3 ÷ 5 bar

Compressed air: min. 5 bar

Consumption of compressed air: 2.5 Nm3 /min


Machine dimensions:

Overall length: 44.400 mm

Overall width (with control panel, control cabinet and hydraulics): 20.350 mm

Machine weight: 493.000 kg

GFM SX-40 CNC Radial Forging
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